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Ueli Reverenz Spezial

Unfiltered and bubbly, with a distinct aroma of hops. About 5% vol., will keep 8 weeks if kept cool. Order this brew in the Ueli carafe, in a party or steel keg, in the brewery’s restaurants Fischerstube or Linde, or in the restaurants that have Ueli on tap.

Ueli Lager Light

Unfiltered and nutritious. About 4.8% vol., will keep for 8 weeks if cooled. Available in a party keg and in both restaurants Fischerstube and Linde.

Ueli Robur Dark

Unfiltered and aromatic. About 4.8% vol., will keep for 8 weeks if kept cool. Available in a party keg and in both brewery restaurants, as well as in the Bar Zem Stainlemer, Basel.

Ueli Wheat Top Fermented

Unfiltered and slightly fruity. About 5.4% vol., will keep for 8 weeks if cooled. Available in part keg and steel keg, in both brewery restaurants, as well as in the following restaurants: Bar Zem Stainlemer, Bar Café Huguenin, Restaurant Union.

Ueli Bottled beers

Ueli Spezial Light

The Ueli Beer ‘Spezial’ is light and bubbly. It is based on a tried-and-trusted recipe for naturally pure beer and is brewed using only water, barley, hops and yeast. The subtle aroma of hops makes it a unique Ueli Beer.

It is available in an easy-to-carry 10-pack, in a case of 24 as well as in the 5-liter mini keg. Your distributer will be happy to deliver the Ueli Spezial to your door. It is also available at the Ueli Bier outlets.

Ueli Classic Light

The Ueli classic (4.8% vol.) is perfect on warm days. It is a traditional pale ale with a mild hoppy aroma. The Ueli Classic owes its rounded finish to the careful use of top-quality ingredients. This typical Basel beer is available in the 33 cl returnable bottle and as a 10-pack from Manor, Paul Ullrich, Traumland der Getränke, Dreistern, Schweizer Getränke, Fläschehals and Schüwo.

Ueli Rosemarie

We will be brewing this specialty beer in 2016 to a new recipe.

Ueli Winterbogg

The naturally cloudy and amber-colored winter beer (6.8% vol.) is characterized by a markedly malty body and a well-balanced hoppy aroma. This strong Winterbogg is a delicious treat on long, cold evenings. Ueli Winterbogg is available in the 33 cl returnable bottle from mid-November. Sold at:  Manor, Paul Ullrich, Drinks of the World, Traumland der Getränke, Jenzer Fleisch + Feinkost, Henz Delikatessen, Brauereirestaurant Linde and Fischerstube.

Ueli Summer Ale

The brand new Ueli Summer Ale is a classic golden ale, top fermented, light-bodied and smooth. It combines the delicate fruity aroma of an ale with the clean finish of a lager. The golden straw colour and easy drinkability are an enjoyable way to celebrate summer. The Ueli Summer Ale comes in a six-pack and is sold at Coop, Manor, Radius 39, Jenzer Fleisch + Feinkost, Wirth’s Huus Käsespezialitäten, Henz Delikatessen, Mathis Fleisch + Feinkost and Rio Getränke (such as the store in Möhlin).

Ueli Primavera

Ueli Primavera (5.4% vol.) owes its spring-like freshness to the new and relatively rare Polaris hops as well as an age-old brewing method that has been rediscovered by our brewers: dry hopping. In this way we combine the old and the new. Available every year in spring as a six-pack from Coop, Manor, Drinks of the World, Paul Ullrich, Jenzer Fleisch + Feinkost and other retailers.

Ueli Metro

The Ueli Metro (4.8% vol.) is a traditional pale ale with a mild hoppy aroma. It owes its rounded finish to the careful use of only a little dark barley malt. The Ueli Metro Light has been brewed since August 2010 and is only available from Coop in the practical 6-box. The name of the beer is a sign of respect for and commitment to the Greater Basel region. Coop in turn only stocks this specialty beer in its outlets in and around Basel as commitment to the diversity of regional beers.

Ueli Basilisk

Dragons and other mythical creatures get thirsty too. And because the Basilisk loyally guards the coat of arms of the city of Basel, Brauerei Fischerstube has honored it with its very own beer. The Ueli Basilisk (5.4% vol.) has a markedly malty body, is naturally cloudy and is a touch stronger than other beers, standing out through its beautiful amber color. It is available in a six-pack from Coop, Manor and various Ueli Beer outlets.

Carafe & Clip-top bottle

Fresh Beer at Anytime thanks to the Ueli Carafe

The innovative idea of selling fresh beer in a tasteful, yet portable bottle is a sign of our dedication. The Ueli Carafe lets you enjoy fresh beer at home too. In our brewery the carafe is filled with two liters of the finest, unfiltered Ueli Reverenz. If you store the carafe in the refrigerator, the beer still tastes fresh and pure after opening. And the good thing is: you only buy the carafe once. If it is empty, simply exchange it for a full one and only pay the price for two liters of Ueli Beer. The containers cannot be returned.

And naturally the popular carafe makes an excellent gift.
They are available at these locations as well as in the two restaurants.

Ueli Wheat clip-top bottle

Brewed and bottled in Kleinbasel, the Ueli wheat beer reaches our customers naturally, freshly and organically in the 50 cl clip-top bottle. Hand made in Basel!

Available from Manor, Drinks of the World, Metzgerei Zieren, Traumland der Getränke, Henz Delikatessen and Wirth’s Huus Käsespezialitäten.

Robur Ueli clip-top bottle

We also bottle the aromatic Ueli Robur Dark all year round in clip-top bottles. This makes for a quite a bit of manual work, but also delights fans of this specialty beer. Once again, the beer is neither filtered nor heated and tastes as if it had come fresh from the barrel.

Seasonal Specialities clip-top bottle

Every year the Fischerstube brews the traditional ‘Festbier’ for the pre-Christmas season.

Ueli in Keg

5-Liter Mini Keg

The attractive mini keg is suitable for a small aperitif and fits in every refrigerator. It comes with a modern Neoprene cooler to keep the Ueli Spezial cooler for longer. The keg is made of tin and can be recycled with other metals. This new keg will also keep for six months if kept cool and is suitable as a reserve keg.
» shop

Available from: the brewery restaurants:

Linde und Fischerstube, Manor,
Wirth’s Huus Käsespezialitäten,
Paul Ullrich, Traumland der Getränke,
Mathis Fleisch + Feinkost,
René Salathé Getränkedepot,
Kessler Getränke, Fläschehals,
Metzgerei Rechsteiner,
Kaufmann Wine & Drinks,
Dreistern Garage,
Prodega Basel + Pratteln.

15-Liter Party Keg

Take Ueli Beer with You in the Party Keg

If you give us your information a day in advance we will gladly reserve a party keg, along with glasses, for your party. The party keg can be picked up from and returned to the bar in the Fischerstube. The beer comes cold. Since it will be too warm for proper serving after six hours, we recommend that you do not pick it up too early. More information is available under » orders.

The following Ueli Beers are available in the 15-liter Party Keg:

Ueli Reverenz spezial Light 15 l, Fr. 89.–
Ueli Lager Light 15 l, Fr. 81.–
Ueli Robur Dark 15 l, Fr. 81.–
Ueli Weizen Top Fermented 15 l, Fr. 97.–

Pick-up options for party keg : PDF
The respective tap kit costs Fr. 12.– (Documentation PDF)

Steel Keg

Ueli Beer Freshly Tapped for Your Event

For big parties, gatherings and other events we can offer you Ueli Beer in kegs together with a flow cooler. Large and small coolers are available that guarantee professional serving, along with glasses and plastic cups. We will be happy to help. Call us on 061 692 94 95. The following Ueli Beers are available in a 50, 30 or 20 liter steel keg:

The following Ueli Beers are available in 20, 30 and 50-liter Party Kegs:
Ueli Reverenz spezial light
Ueli Spezial light
Ueli Robur dark
Ueli Weizen top fermented

You can find more details about the beer under Beer Types.

Ueli Bier-Gift Ideas

Gift Box (see also Outlet/Fan-Shop)

The gift box is elegant, portable and an ideal gift for anyone who loves good beer. Surprise friends with a gift from Basel’s Altstadt. ­» shop.

Ueli Basilisk-Gift Pack (see also Outlet/Fan-Shop)

The beautifully new Gift Pack contains two Ueli Basilisk-glasses and two bottles (33 cl each) of Ueli Basilisk. Each Gift Pack comes with a protective film. » shop

Sales outlets: brewery restaurants Fischerstube and Linde, Paul Ullrich.

Ueli Carafe with Gift Box

The decorative Ueli Carafe with two liters of unfiltered Ueli Beer is available with or without the gift box. We fill the carafe fresh with Reverenz Spezial or with the unfiltered Ueli Weizen, so that you can have fresh Ueli Beer at home. You can find our carafe retailers under Verkauf/Handel (Sales/Retailers). Carafes of Ueli Weizen are always available in our brewery restaurants.

Ueli Bierbrand (see also Outlet/Fan-Shop)

Our Bierbrand in the beautiful bottle, a limited edition, makes an excellent gift. Bierbrand is a rare spirit. Something can only be called a spirit if it is obtained exclusively through direct distillation of fresh beer. It must be distilled so that the distillate has the tasty hint of beer flavor and carries a minimum alcohol content of 38%.

The bottle is available online and at the brewery restaurants Linde and Fischerstube for a price of CHF 39.00, including tax (VAT). » shop

Ueli Beer tote bag

The Ueli Beer tote bag is the ideal gift and matches perfectly our trendy 50 cl clip-top bottle. It is available in the brewery restaurants Fischerstube and Linde at a price of Fr. 5.50.

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Fax +41 61 692 94 92
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