A fresh taste from Basel's smallest brewery

For over 30 years we have been brewing our flavour-packed beers in the Rheingasse in the heart of Basel's old town. You can try all our different beers fresh from the brewery in the Fischerstube and Linde, the Ueli Bier brewery's two character-filled restaurants. You can even try your hand at pulling a pint! Our restaurants can be found at Rheingasse 43 and 45, just a few metres from the Rhine. In the Fischerstube you can watch beer being made in our brewery and fermented in our cellars, or just sit in our beer garden and enjoy a cool Ueli beer straight from the cask.
For further information or to make a reservation, please call 061 692 92 00 (Fischerstube) or 061 683 34 00 (Linde).

Visit the brewery

Find out how we make Ueli beer in a guided tour with our head brewer. The tour lasts about 30 minutes. During the tour you will see our historic Antonian cellar (Antoniterkeller), which dates back to the 15th century, during which St. Anthony's Order built chapels and hospices in Europe. After the tour, enjoy a snack or drink in the Antoniterkeller, in our beer garden, or in one of our restaurants Fischerstube or Linde. If you stop by the restaurant Linde, be sure to try our popular specialty beer fondue!
For further information or to book a tour please call 061 692 94 95 or e-mail info@uelibier.ch.

Available throughout Basel

You don't have to come to our restaurants to enjoy Ueli beer: you can obtain our brews straight from the cask in many bars and restaurants in Basel and the surrounding area.

Beer's not just beer

We brew naturally pure beer and are proud of the speciality beers that regularly join our line-up of five main brews.

As a memento of your visit to Basel, why not take home one of our gift packs? Each contains two bottles of beer and two glasses, and costs just CHF 21. You can obtain gift packs at the Fischerstube and Linde or from the Basel Tourism office in the Stadtcasino building. And for CHF 51, you can buy one of our stylish Ueli carafes complete with two litres of unfiltered Ueli Reverenz.